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首次獨家研發 台式雪梨黑豚肺,鴨脆管,特產櫻桃鴨菲力等原肉零食,深受毛孩喜愛,令他們吃得難忘,吃得快樂,吃得好。

您會發現零食成分表很簡短,這就是真正原肉無添加。我們承諾食品成分來源是100%天然和100% 人類級, 充分平衡營養和食慾滿足。

國際認證 ISO22000 HACCP SGS

我們有責任管理我們產品的安全和毛孩的福祉;故此,我們堅持產品必須按照 ISO 22000 HACCP 和 SGS 的國際標準生產。




WANTMORE  Safety, Quality, Lovely

Inspired by our Coco, the brownie-like poodle, and the tons of scandal of pet food that the large-scale companies, in order to further increase profit margin, they used Animal By-product and Chemical to make up the essential nutrition.

We established ‘WANTMORE’ to deliver a pet snacks series 【WANTMORE】 that makes the fur-parent no worries and your fur-baby good health for daily enjoyment. You would be amazed that our snack ingredient list is short and simple;

'We care about what your furry pets eat'

We promise our source of ingredients are 100% Natural and 100% Human-grade. Our products are the direct result of endless hours of careful thinking to attention to the balance of nutrition and appetite satisfaction.

We believe that we have a responsibility to manage the safety of our products and the well-being of our consumers.

That is why we insist our product must be produced with the international standard of ISO 22000 and HACCP. To further safeguard food safety, we have assured product liability insurance for our products.