Walk your kids🦮

Talking today 【Walk your kids】
I believe your kids will keep their eyes on you when they hear "去街街", stand up, even jump up, they tell you to hurry up!

🐾What's the point of dragging your kids with a dog leash🦮?

I believe that many people will feel that dragging kids with ropes controls their behavior

Yes, it’s right to a certain extent, but the most important meaning is to drag you along (tighten up the flesh ❤️), too sweet? but, maybe this is the voice of the kid🐶

Whenever the collar is buckled, like we are dragging a child's hand in hand, go to the street with him, he will take you everywhere.

Sometimes when furry kid wants to go to some places, he may forcefully look at the direction he wants to go, just like a child wants to drag you to the park.

So dragging the dog with a dog leash is not a bondage to him, but holding hands to play together🦮❤️👦🏻

Of course, fury children may rush past when they are stimulated by a certain kind of stimulation. It would be very dangerous if they were tied to the road nearby, so it is right to say that dragging the children is to restrain them in certain behaviors, but it is not restraint, it is for their safety.

So you must drag the dog leash when you go out with your kids.
You can regret a lifetime because of one accident.

Finally, sometimes dogs may have their own way of thinking, but if you don't want him to go to that place, don't shake him because they will be unhappy, just like you will not force and your own children, they will also cry.

You can approach your body with the loop of your hand, slowly take him to the direction you want to go, and appreciate it when he starts to talk to you

Thank you for watching for so long. The kids who haven't walked off the streets are looking at you.

Let's go hand in hand to the streets.




今日講 【行街街】












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