Tips for dogs who fear of thunderstorm

How’s your day under Typhoon Signal no.8? Does your pup 🐶 fear of thunderstorms ⛈? Some researches revealed that up to 30% of dogs are terrified by the rumblings of thunderstorms ⛈ , howling wind 💨 , and driving rain ☔️ .

If your pup feels stress about it too, let try to follow the below tips💡
1️⃣Give your dog a safe place
2️⃣Be cool during a storm
3️⃣Try a Thundershirt
4️⃣Supplement the scary sounds with music, TV, or white noise

Hope everyone of u stay safe and hope the bad weather will be over soon ☀️🕶

Ps. Our Coco is holding his favoured toy, the ugly frog 🐸

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