【The secret🤫 of dog staying healthy and living longer】

If the machine is broken, we can you repair it, but can we repair the damage of the body our fur kids?


It's protein!! Protein is an important element, it can help cell expansion and repair.

In daily life, 🦮dogs run, jump, up and down. Certain amount of natural loss in the body is unavoidable.🦴

🐠MilkFish is very popular in Taiwan, it is high protein content and low fat which is the magical tool for weight control.
The essential fatty acids in Milkfish can cure the painful, 🧫cell damage or itchy skin. Comparing to other kind of fish, milkfish is boneless and tender. This is why many Taiwanese love it!❤️

Furthermore, you should have heard of DHA. It plays a major role in brain development and eye health.

Milkfish oil has rich Omega-3

it is also beneficial for arthritis in dogs. The digestive ability of elderly dogs is weakened, the indigestible food will increase the loading of their stomach.

Milkfish provides low fat, rich nutrition to elderly dogs without overloading their digestive system.

Therefore, one thing for sure: Milkfish is one of your best choice for fur kids. 

If you want your dog enjoy the gourmet and stay health at the same time, give them WANTMORE MILKFISH




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